We’re still here …

Uphappily for the world the quest continues to bring to justice the true perpetrators of the events of September 11, 2001. New information continues to surface, new websites periodically appear, books continue to be written and people continue to question, but a tipping point has yet to be reached. JOMP911T will continue to participate in the struggle for truth and, ultimately, justice.
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Other Supporters

The following people have declared their interest and support, along with the media-affiliated signatories, for a new, truly independent, investigation into the events of September 11, 2001:

Diana Bush, West Hartford, CT, USA. West Hartford Peace & Justice.

Christopher Brun, Bordeaux, France. Student.

Peter Vandereyk, Sydney, NSW, Australia. “9/11 truth seeker”.

Chris Maccarone, Davis, CA, USA.

Eric Kiesling Thompson, Brentwood, CA, USA.

Steve Berreth, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Michael Ross, Qala, Gozo, Malta.

Trever Hiatt, Apache Junction, AZ, USA.

Sandra Waller, Norwalk, Ohio, USA.

William R. Woodward, Durham, NH, USA. Professor of Psychology, University of New Hampshire.

Erik Kamfjord, Oslo, Norway. Teacher.

Steve Walker, Encinitas, CA, USA. Team member of AE911Truth.org.

George F. Nelson, Huntsville, AL. Colonel, USAF (Ret.). Aircraft maintenance manager and military aircraft accident investigator.

Matthew Orr, Bend, OR, USA. Biology instructor, University of Oregon. Scientific research published in scholarly journals.

Nancy J. Walker, Encinitas, CA, USA.

Shelton F. Lankford, Salisbury, MD, USA. 20-year career as US Marine Corps pilot, Vietnam veteran, awarded numerous combat medals. Former producer of public access show in Maryland.

Herbert J. Hoffman, Ogunquit, ME, USA. Produced public access programs on the US Constitution for the 2008 Kucinich for President campaign. Candidate (Independent) for US Senate, Maine.

Christopher Gruener, Newton, MA, USA. Licensed mental health counselor. Serves as the Secretary for the greater Boston area 9/11 Truth Alliance.

Jack LaBar, Clifton Heights, PA, USA.

Nila Sagadevan, Laguna Hills, CA, USA. Retired aeronautical engineer and pilot.

John Duddy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Retired sales person.

John Edward Kendrick, Jr, Weatherby Lake, MO, USA. Dentist and grandfather of ten.

Tom Rogers, Keene, NH, USA. Founder of George Orwell Institute.

Alfred Benoit, Tustin, CA, USA. Solar industry engineer.

Upgeya Pew, Costa Mesa, CA, USA.

Tom Frantz, San Diego, CA, USA.

James L. LaGarde, Pocomoke City, MD, USA. 22-year NASA engineering technician.

Gwen Davis Hale, Portsmouth, NH, USA.

Gordon H. Clark, Keene, NH, USA.

Marianna Maver, Holland, MI, USA.

Michael Andregg, St. Paul, MN, USA. University lecturer for 30+ years. Co-producer of video Rethinking 9/11: Why truth and reconciliation are better strategies than global war.

Justin Martell, New York, NY, USA. Independent journalist. Co-founder of the largest student coalition for 9/11 Truth.

David Whitten Smith, St. Paul, MN, USA. Emeritus Professor of Theology–Justice and Peace Studies, U. of St. Thomas, Minnesota.

Robert Halfhill, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Blogger: RedLavenderInsurgent.blogpot.com.

Michael John McCutcheon, Peachland, BC, Canada.

David E. Nelson, Minneapolis, MN, USA. B.S. Mathematics. Former secondary school math teacher, Minneapolis.

Colin Byrne, Wicklow, Ireland. “All honest reporters need to become very loud and help us find our way again. Fight fire, with water, lies, with truth.”

Jean-Francois Ranger, Montreal, PQ, Canada. World911Truth.org.

Nuzhat Haneef, Eagan, MN, USA. PhD, Computer Science.

Diana Lea, Ogden, UT, USA. Ceramist.

Phillip Davis, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Activist and hospitality manager.

Peter Magistrale, Hempstead, NY, USA.

Helena Karlbom, Auckland, New Zealand.

David Lubeck, Los Gatos, CA, USA.

Paul Allen Richard, Alexandria, VA, USA. Concerned citizen who believes “the control of mainstream news media is the biggest impediment to health of democracy.”

Jim Ellis, Kileen, TX, USA.

Anthony Enos Wicher, Ontario, CA, USA. Computer programmer, random blogger and disseminator or 9/11 Truth.

Nora Gallaher, Vero Beach, FL, USA. MA, MBA.

Stefan Schaer, Berne, Switzerland. Freelance journalist and media critic.

JoAnne Bauer, Hartford, CT, USA.

Ermanno Barone, Cathedral City, CA, USA. President, Barone Films, Inc.

Dorothy Przystas, Chicopee, MA, USA.

Joseph P. Bell, Woburn, MA, USA. Navy veteran, BSBA from Suffolk University, retired janitor and grandfather of 4.

Robin Dirk Hordon, Kingston WA, USA. Former member of Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (decimated by Pres. Reagan in 1981), four-decade peace activist and founder of 9/11 Truth for World Peace.

Valerie Ann Rodriguez, Beaufort, SC, USA.

Claus Dettelbacher, New Delhi, India. Founder, WeAreChange in India and blogger (www.whorules.me).

Leslie Raphael, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, United Kingdom. Author of “Jules Naudet’s First Plane Shot Was Staged”.

Lorraine Cleaver, Glasgow, Scotland.

John M. Connelly, Boise, ID, USA.

John Goddard, Madison, WI, USA.

Donald Jordan, Helsinki, Uusimma, Finland.

Kevin Barry Martin, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Frances Shure, Denver, CO, USA. Retired licensed professional counselor, member of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth and co-founder of Colorado 9/11 Visibility.

Craig L. Shubrig, Claremont, CA, USA. Believes Americans should know the truth about 9/11.

Theodore Radamaker, Belleville, IL, USA.

Karin Wells, Peterborough, NH, USA. Portrait painter and admirer of those who are big enough and grand enough to speak the truth. Currently working on a series of portraits of those who courageously speak the truth of 9/11.

Kevin R. Ryan, Bloomington, IN, USA. Former site manager for Environmental Health Laboratories, a division of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Co-editor of the Journal of 911 Studies.

Neil Bradshaw, Toronto, ON, Canada. Print communications company president.

Pat Hiday, Green Grove Springs, FL, USA.

Craig Welbourn, Washago, ON, Canada. Managed the development of various digital protocols for the IBM Canada Research Lab. Believes the evidence of explosions in WTC1/WTC2 and implosion of WTC7 is overwhelming.

Paul F. Getty, Newport, NC, USA. Dentist and very interested in 9/11 truth. “Without journalists searching for the truth, there is no hope for a decent future.”

Lester W. Collins, Morrilton, AR, USA.

Paul Mann, Mt. Olive, AL, USA.

Pablo Haas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentinian Truth Seeker “in search of making a better world.”

Harald Bürling, Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Robert Sweet, Sandstone, MN, USA. “… [T]here is no valid purpose in ANY news media that is less than real.”

Susan Lindauer, Takoma Park, MD, USA. Journalist and anti-war activist.

André Laurendeau, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Linda G. Wilscam, Rockville, CT, USA.

Joshua Lange, Pawtucket, RI, USA. Facilities Engineer in the pharma industry.

Proctor William Lucius, Carlsbad, CA, USA. “The Iraq war is proof of the breadth and depth of this government’s entrenched criminal behavior …”

Leah Anne Kouchel, Greenboro, NC, USA.

David Laake, Southgate, KY, USA. Social worker and critical thinker.

David Steinberger, Union City, CA, USA.

Francoise Coyne, Maynard, MA, USA. Skin care therapist.

Justin Larmore, Mineville, NY, USA.

Mark Snyder, Seattle, WA, USA. Electronic engineer and designer, videographer and documentary DVD producer.

Abigail Jane Elliott, Eugene, OR, USA. Independent filmmaker/documentarian seeking to expose the truth about our government.

Daniel Lally, Columbus, OH, USA.

MIchael Fogler, Lexington, KY, USA.

Cheryl Lynn Gearing, Medina, OH, USA.

Valerie Sanfilippo, San Diego, CA, USA. FDNY sister, PanAm daughter, English major, secretary.

Susanne Vincent, Auckland, New Zealand.

Kathy Jo Nelson, Ishpeming, MI, USA.

Candace L. Gilliam, Delano, CA, USA. Just a regular American citizen hoping that real truth will come out and real justice will be done. The innocent victims of 9/11 and their loved ones deserve the truth.

Dave Breuer, Auckland, NA, New Zealand.

Michael Antares, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Bill Watson, Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand.

Elaine Dyer, Whenuapai, Auckland, New Zealand.

Joseph A. Donato, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Independent documentary producer and promotional video editor, shooter, and scriptwriter.

Howard Cohen, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Executive Director of Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth.

Georgie Grossenbacher, Luzerne, Switzerland. Professional photographer..

Don Thibodeaux, Luzerne, Switzerland. A fine artist who mostly studied politics while attending Wayne State University.

Christopher Scott Thomas, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. An Aboriginal Canadian who, along with his family, does not believe the official account of what happened on September 11, 2001.

Leo Morrissey, Quincy, MA, USA.

Qiu Min Ji, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

David Miller Schadeberg, Peoria, AZ, USA.

Victoria Antonelli, Wakefield, RI, USA. Journalism major graduate and a firm supporter of the few remaining outlets that keep the truth and the well-being of the citizens as their top priorities.

David Miller Schadeberg, Peoria, AZ, USA.

Carol Solomon, Silver Spring, MD, USA.

Paul Michael, Tampa,FL, USA.

Jens Peter Skaarup, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark. Communication Officer.